Meet Zachary

Zachary is a lawyer, a small business owner, and an active community volunteer. His experiences in each of those roles have prepared him to serve Northeast Minneapolis as council member, and he is committed to making Minneapolis a city that works for everyone.  

Zachary grew up in Andover, Minnesota.  He was raised, along with his two sisters, by a single mother who taught high school English. Zachary’s hard work helped him get accepted to the University of St. Thomas, where he studied English and Economics and graduated in three years.


During his time at St. Thomas Zachary met Kimberly, a biology student with the goal of attending medical school. Kimberly’s dream came true when she was accepted to the University of Minnesota Medical School, and his dream came true when she married him in June 2012. They’ve adopted two dogs together, Lacey and Bear.  


After St. Thomas, Zachary continued his education at Creighton School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska.  The education he received in Omaha was excellent, both in and out of law seminars; the experience of living in a city that wasn’t designed for pedestrians, transit users, or bikers taught him the value of progressive urban planning and intelligent land use policies.  


Fresh out of law school and studying for the bar exam, he immediately began working to improve the city he had chosen for his home, Minneapolis.  Plus, his friends really didn’t want to discuss land use with him anymore.  Luckily for them, Zachary was elected to the board of his neighborhood organization, Windom Park Citizens in Action, a few months after moving to Minneapolis. He is now in his second term. During that time he has taken the lead in funding and developing a small area plan to advocate for better transportation options in Windom Park, in advocating against city takeover of Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds, and in creating the Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library.  


Speaking of the tool library… as an English major, Zachary loved metaphors.  As someone who wanted to make his community better, figures of speech just don’t cut it.  Many politicians want to help build a better community, but Zachary wanted to give people the tools they needed to build it themselves. Literally. That’s why he co-founded the Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library.  Now when people in Minneapolis want to repair their homes, build garden beds, or learn new skills, they have a place to go. Under Zachary’s leadership the tool library has grown its membership, added to its inventory, and is in the process of opening a second location in St. Paul. Now, the Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library is a branch of the Minnesota Tool Library, with more on the way.


Apart from volunteering with his neighborhood board and the tool library, Zachary opened his own law firm in 2013.  As an attorney, he has helped clients grow their businesses, plan their futures, and protect their rights.  


Now, Zachary is ready to take on another challenge.  He looks forward to earning your vote and putting his passion, dedication, and abilities to work for you.  Having already worked on your behalf to create a better Northeast through the creation of a tool library, advocating for you as a member of the Windom Park neighborhood board, and planning for the future of Northeast, he is ready to be the progressive leader Northeast deserves.