Campaign announcement

To Northeast Minneapolis:

I am happy and excited to announce my candidacy for city council for Minneapolis Ward 1.  I am running because of my beliefs about how to make Minneapolis a more progressive, more inclusive, and more resilient city.


Since I joined this community I have fought for the changes that will make Minneapolis a better city.  I have taken the lead in my role on my neighborhood board in creating a more walkable and bikeable community, in serving as a steward of my neighborhood’s home improvement loan programs, and in planning for the role of our neighborhood organization in the event the city carries out the current stated policy of reclaiming Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds.  


As co-founder of the Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library I have worked to make home improvement affordable and accessible to everyone.  I had the honor of serving as the organization’s first president during which time we expanded to serve several hundred members and began the process of opening a second location in St. Paul.


But as proud as I am of what I’ve done so far, I have not been able to achieve all I wish for Minneapolis.  As your councilmember, I will:


Demand our police be held accountable for their actions, because we need to expect police to conduct themselves with character, and that means their conduct cannot be without consequence.  I will do this by ending consensual searches in Minneapolis, removing contractual protections against investigation of misconduct, investigate “Does not fit any crime” arrests, fight to require resolution of misconduct investigations before settling cases, and strengthen the Civilian Review Board.

Plan for a city where enough housing can be built to be affordable for everyone, because segregation and exclusion by income impoverishes our city by excluding vibrancy and diversity.  Everyone deserves a chance to build a life in Minneapolis.  


Build infrastructure for a walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented community, because dependence on cars separates us from one another, poisons our planet, and creates a world for the young, the healthy, and the wealthy, without room for the aged, the disabled, or the poor.


Create a quantified-emissions climate and energy plan, because without definite goals and a path for achieving those goals, we will never achieve the reductions necessary to ensure the worst effects of climate change don’t come to pass.  New infrastructure for cars and pipelines are climate-change denialism masquerading as the status quo.  I will investigate adopting a feed-in tariff to provide for rapid adoption of decentralized renewable energy.


Protect tenants by advocating for a security deposit fund, so unscrupulous landlords can’t take advantage of tenants in illegally denying the return of the security deposits.


Create a public bank of Minneapolis on the Model of the public bank of North Dakota, because we ought not pay private banks a premium for projects we could finance ourselves.  Minneapolis should not spend more to support banks that have a demonstrable history of redlining and defrauding Minneapolis citizens. A public bank is a safe investment, serves only the interests of its citizens, promotes local business, and will save us money.


Defend and expand the working families agenda, because the healthier and more economically secure we are, the better off we will all be.  Or, in the words of Senator Wellstone, “We all do better when we all do better.”


Oppose any attempt to have our police hunt down undocumented persons, work with ICE or any federal agency to that end, or focus on any task other that protecting and serving the entire community of Minneapolis.  


Protect neighborhood funding and neighborhood organizations, because Minneapolis is a stronger city when neighborhoods can advocate and plan for their own futures.


Establish a cost-savings suggestion reimbursement plan, so city workers are rewarded for money-saving initiatives they develop.  In addition, I would establish a priority problem prize fund to encourage innovation in how the city provides services.


Pass a $15 minimum wage ordinance, because hard work deserves a fair wage.  


It is time to renew our dedication to a better Minneapolis, to redress the wrongs and inequalities continuing in Minneapolis, and to redeem the promise of a Minneapolis for all citizens.  It is time to to build Minneapolis on a new foundation.  Please join me in building a Minneapolis where we all belong.